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What is Egal?

Egal means equal. Established in 2021, our mission is to deliver a convenient shame-free product that will be as common as toilet paper. Our vision is that pads on a roll will be provided free in every restroom stall - where they are needed most - to ensure privacy and dignity to all who menstruate.

Why hasn’t this been done before?

We’ve asked ourselves the same question. Period products have always been purchased for individual use. In that case, a roll makes no sense: because it doesn’t fit in a pocket or handbag. Now that the narrative is changing, it’s about time that we have a better solution.

How good are the pads?

We sought to provide a basic pad, but they are surprisingly good.. They are thin, highly absorbent and comfortable, lasting for 4-6 hours.

Why don’t you have wings?

Wings result in manufacturing waste after die-cutting. We aim to minimize material where we can.

How else do you minimize your environmental impact?

Unlike pads in vending machines, we do not require wasteful boxes or envelopes. Our rolls are packed tightly so they ship and store much more efficiently than other pads.

What about tampons?

We believe that pads cover everyone’s needs, whereas tampons are a lifestyle choice. We plan to sell a tampon basket that attaches to our dispenser for locations that want to provide both.

How is capacity and refilling?

Each roll holds 40 pads. Relling is as quick as toilet paper, and we predict a frequency of one to two rolls per month per stall.

Is theft a problem?

After a few months, the novelty wears off. So far, we have not received reports of abuse after ramp-up.

Why don’t you have a vending machine?

Machines were designed for selling products. If the pads are free, then machines have no place in the restroom. There isn’t a vending machine for toilet paper, is there?

How do I explain this to someone who has never had a period?

Ask them if they are carrying toilet paper with them.

How can I get them?

We sell to institutions and businesses through regional distributors. Sign up in or portal for more information.